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Welcome Back to Church


May 27, 2021

Helloooo my dear people,

I trust you and your family are doing well! It was so great seeing you around the church. Thanks for your active participation at the Feast of Pentecost which is our Parish feast. It took a village to get that weekend planned and executed. Thanks to all those involved. It filled my heart with much joy to be in the company of parish family once again without fear and panic.

We love our church and we know you do too!  We are so honored to know you are part of it. Did you notice the heading of our letter “Welcome Back to Church”? Does that sound odd and strange? I really missed your sounds in our halls, gathering area, reverberating sounds of praise in the Church, voices of our kids and youth. I am here to say “Welcome Back to Church” after the trying times. Our Bishop has reinstated the obligation of attending mass on Sundays and days of obligation.

We all heard that statement over and over again in the last few months, “we are all in this together”. Let us get back to church to be in God’s presence together. We are blessed to have a great community at Holy Spirit and there is a lot of power in this great community.

By the way you had been so generous in supporting the parish and God’s work even though the times were trying. May God Bless you and your hearts’ desires.

Let us get back and “Fill-a-Pew”. I am so excited! 

Kindly notice our mass times are still:

Saturday: 5:00 pm, Sunday: 7:30 a.m.; 11:00 a.m.


Yours Sincerely in Christ,


Fr. Sagar






Sunday September 19th, 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

2801 West E Street, North Platte

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