Service Organization Contact

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Telephone: Office 534-6623

Religious Education Director:
Emma Penkava
Telephone: 534-6623

Women’s Resource Center:
Telephone: 534-1440

The Diocese of Grand Island requires a four-month preparation period. Wedding dates are set on the parish calendar following the engaged couple's first meeting with the parish priest. Please call the parish office to schedule the first appointment.
Telephone: 534-6623

Please call the parish office to register.
Telephone: 534-6623

Call parish office
Telephone: 534-6623

Bulletin Deadline:
Tuesday by 10:30 am
All bulletin information submitted will be subject to review for content and editing due to space availability.

Prayer Requests:
Scott Davis – 530-4366

Communion to the Homebound:
Jim Peterson – 520-2184

Knights of Columbus:
Doug Wenz – 530-8507
Meet 3rd Wednesday of the month in the meeting room at 7pm.

Holy Spirit Pantry:
Telephone: 532-8800

Natural Family Planning:
Kathy Burr
Telephone: 308-991-1880

North Platte Catholic Schools:
St. Patrick’s Jr.-Sr. High School – 532-1874
McDaid Elementary – 532-0622
Kevin Dodson, Superintendent
Gwen Covey, PR/Enrollment Director – 532-1874

N.P. Catholic Schools Endowment Trust:
Telephone – 534-5939
Wendy Dodson, Executive Director, 601 South Tabor St.
Madonna Jett, Administrative Assistant