At Holy Spirit Church

Application for a Niche:
The PASTOR of Holy Spirit Parish approves all applications for the Columbarium. The application process is available at any time. The Pastor has discretion to approve applications at reduced monetary rates based upon financial need.

Niches are available to members of Holy Spirit Parish of North Platte and their families, and to extended families and former parishioners at the discretion of the Pastor.

If you wish to apply for a Columbarium niche, please contact Holy Spirit Catholic Church at
308-534-6623. You can read the full Rules and Regulations on the Holy Spirit Web Site and/or request a copy of the Rules and Regulations and an Application Form from the Parish office.

Purchase of Niches:
*$4000 per niche, which includes the urn (which is designed to fit in the niche).
*Each niche may contain only the remains of one deceased person.
*A fee of $100 for opening/closing of niche is assessed; Charge includes engraved nameplate.
*The opening/closing fee will be paid to Holy Spirit Church or the mortuary.
*Decorations or flowers cannot be affixed to the column or niche.

Columbarium Rules and Regulations.

Columbarium History
In 2017, in accordance with Conon Law (Canon 1176.3), Holy Spirit Parish installed a Columbarium as a part of the new Adoration Chapel in the southeast corner of the Church.

The Columbarium at Holy Spirit provides a sacred place of rest and beauty for the ashes (cremated remains) of our Faith Community. It allows our parishioners, families and priests to be interred within the sacred space of our Holy Spirit Church while celebrating our belief in the Resurrection on the last day.